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The Third Year (2006)

The Second Year (2005)

The First Year (2004):

As of December 16, 2004
Happy Holidays!
Holiday Cheer
Passport, please
Rubber Duckie (video)
Saturday Night Fever (video)
Driving Miss Rosie (video)

As of October 22, 2004
Random Photos
Sourpuss! (video)
One Small Step for Babies (video)
Tiny Bubbles (video)

As of August 20, 2004
First Swim
C is for Cookie
Keep a stiff upper lip (video)
Bad Hair Day

Cutest little baby face!
Rosie Reads! (video)

As of July 20, 2004
Houston, we have a Rosie, part 2
Nothing but the tooth
The best $25 ever spent (video)
Faceplant! (video)

As of June 20, 2004
Houston, we have a Rosie!
Grandpere's Two Babies
Rosie Reads!

As of May 12, 2004
Girl's got style
The many faces of Rosie, part four
Many milestones
Happy Mother's Day

As of April 11, 2004
Happy Easter!
Sleeping Beauty
Something to Smile about

As of March 6, 2004
The Yellow Rose of Texas
A rose is a rose is a rose
Will you be my Valentine?
The many faces of Rosie, part three

As of February 6, 2004
Baby, it's cold outside...
What a sweet announcement!
A room of her own...

As of January 22, 2004
The apple falls not far from the tree...
Rosie's first bath...
The many faces of Rosie, part two...

As of January 12, 2004
The many faces of Rosie...
Rosie's centerfold spread...
Other Grandma comes to visit...

As of January 5, 2004
At the hospital...
At home on Christmas Eve...
Portraits with family...
With haute couture...

Welcome to Rosie's first year of life!

These are all the photos, stories, and web pages created from the time Rosie was born until right before her first birthday.  You'll notice links to all these first-year events on the left.  Should you be interested in photos, stories, and web pages from her first birthday forward, you will need to click on the appropriate link for the year (for example, The Second Year).  The links on the left will then change to the events for that year.

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